Eclipse: Do's & Don'ts

Shikshapatri Bhashya Katha on Eclipse
   - Vakta: P.P. Satsangbhushandasji Swami

Before Eclipse:

    1. Wash clothes used for puja and others, your house, temple should be cleaned.
    2. Bed, Blankets, etc. are to be dusted or exposed to sunlight.
    3. Food made by mixing flour and water should not be eaten, do not keep drinking water in a pot.
    4. After Eclipse is over, do not touch clothes before taking bath. So, before eclipse begins, put aside clothes/towel etc. to be used after your bath.
    5. Prepare the place for worship during eclipse, do not use cotton sheets to sit on, such sheets should be dusted and put away.
    6. Do not eat during eclipse and vedh (9 hours before Lunar eclipse starts and 12 hours before Solar eclipse starts).
    7. Put aside other activities and plan to spend time doing Dhun/Kirtan.

During Eclipse:

    1. Spend your time doing Dhun/Kirtan, reading/listening scriptures etc.
    2. Pray to god to protect us from the vices like lust, and anger.

After Eclipse:

    1. Take bath/shower with all clothes and then only touch/wear clean clothes.
    2. Grihasth (Householders) should donate for good causes, Tyagi (Saints) should do puja of God.
    3. Prepare food for God, offer Him food and take the prasad.
    4. After taking bath/shower only, one should touch God or do the normal activities.

It is desirable to have a temple or an organization arrange Dhun/Kirtan program during the eclipse.

Solar and Lunar Eclipse information

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