Soaps: Clean and Dirty

Soap gets you clean, Right?

Maybe not. Soap is made with fatty oils of various kinds, both vegetable and animal. But for devotees of the Lord, smearing the body with soap made from the fat of a slaughtered animal is not the best way to get clean.

Which soaps have animal fat, and which don't? Here is the list of soaps with and without animal fat.

Company Name
Soaps with Animal Fat
Soaps without Animal Fat
Lever Brothers Lux, Dove, Shield, Caress, Lifebuoy, Dove
Beauty Wash, Lever 2000, Lever 2000 Liquid
(These all contain sodium tallowate - beef fat.)
Jergens Jergens, Jergens Liquid, Jergens Mild, Jergens Mild Anti-bactarial Deodorant Soap,Gentle
Touch, Aloe and Lanolin soap,Vitamin E and
Lanolin soap
(These all contain tallow - 100% beef.)
Body Shampoo
Colgate-Palmolive Octagon, Irish Spring, Cashmere Bouquet,
Liquid Irish Spring, Palmolive Bar Soap,
Palmolive Gold Deodorant Soap. (for some products, not sure)

Softsoap, Sensitive Skin Cleansing Liquid Palmolive Gold,Palmolive lassic, Cashmere Bouquet Beauty Bar,Irish Spring Bar, all ariants,Vel Mild Skin Care Bar

The Dial Corporation Dial, Tone, Spirit, Dial Plus, Dial Liquid,Pure
and Natural
(These all contain beef tallow.)
Boraxo Powdered Hand Soap
Procter & Gamble Zest, Coast, Lava, Ivory, Safeguard Kirk's Castile, Liquid Ivory, Liquid Safeguard
Clear and Natural None Clear and Natural,Clear and Natural Liquid
Shaklee None Meadowblend Bar, Liquid Meadowblend

Soaps for which the ingredients include tallow or tallowate are almost certainly made with animal fat. Soaps found at health-food stores are animal-free when so marked; otherwise you can't be sure. A special mention for Dr. Bronner's Pure Castile Soaps---animal-free and much loved for the metaphysical ratings on the labels.

In the UK
Among animal-free soaps to be had in the UK: Pears Transplant soap, Boots Pure Vegetable Oil Soap, and any soap from The Body Shop or Beauty Without Curelty.