Worshiping the Idols

An idol is a form of God through which we can worship and attain him, it is a midium to expose our love and feelings towards God.

Once a King invited a Saint in his Royal Court. After the welcome and playing honour, the king said, "I don't believe in idol worshiping. Is God an inanimate stone? To worship a stone, is more foolishness." The Saint said, "Be calm and don't disturb me from weather I do." King agreed.

There was a great oily colorful picture of the father of the king near the throne. The Saint ordered the servants of the king to remove it, to throw dust over it and to break it. The king became angry.

The Saint asked the king, "Why are you angry? I have insulted of picture and not your father. This is an inanimate picture. The color, the wood, the glass and the paper, out of this, who is your father? You believe this inanimate picture as your father. You honour it and pay homage with garland."

Similarly, to pay homage, to serve, to worship, to expose the devotional feelings etc., towards God Supreme, the idol is the medium as if it is His perceptible human from in front of us.

The Bhilkumar Eklavya was not taught at all by Dronacharya. Eklavya made an earthen muddy statue of Dronacharya. Keeping full faith in it as if Dronacharya was in that form, he stated learning archery. From that statue, he got inspiration and become the famous and expert in archery. Had he not prepared the statue and had he not put the faith in that statue, he would not have learnt archery.

There was too many statues in the architect's shop. Nobody prays them or nobody gets any inspiration from them. In the temples, the idols of God are anointed by holy water of main holy places and the holy substances. The Acharya and the great spiritualized Saints invest the divinity in these idols by Veda Mantras and the divine ceremony, and then the idols made worth to be worshiped as if the apparent form of God in front of the devotee.

If this idols are served, adored, prayed or worshiped ardently single-minded with full faith as if Lord Supreme is in that perceptible human form in front of them, Almighty God accepts it lovingly and fulfils his wishes, and gives him the redemption at the end of his life.

There are too many examples as Lord has come out from the idols, accepted the offerings, given the guidance and fulfilled his wishes.

Worshiping the Idols