Vachanamrut - Gadhada Pratham Prakran 22

In the Samvat year 1876, on the fourth day of the bright half of the month of Paush at noon, Shreeji Maharaj was seated on a wooden bedstead laid in the veranda in front of the hall facing the east, in the Darbar of Dada Khachar in Gadhada. He had put on all white garments. A tassel of white flowers was hanging from His turban and bunches of flowers adorned His ears. A garland of a guldavadi flowers adorned on His neck. Saints and devotees from various places had gathered before Him in an assembly. Saints were singing devotional songs.

Then Shreeji Maharaj said, "Listen to me. I want to tell you something today." There up on the saints stopped singing and became anxious to hear Him.

Then Shreeji Maharaj said, " While singing devotional songs with the accompaniment of various musical instruments like mridang, sarangi, saroda, tal, etc, if we forget God, our singing is as good as no singing. Many people in this world sing songs and play musical instruments, but forget God. Such people do not get peace of mind. Hence we should sing devotional songs, or recite His names, or chant the names of Narayan, or do whatever we like, but we must always do so remembering God. Moreover if we remember God while singing devotional songs, and forget Him while doing other activities, then our mind will not remain fixed on the divine image of God even while singing devotional songs. Therefore we must always try to fix our mind on the divine image of God while eating, drinking, moving, walking and doing everything. Only then we will be able to keep our mind steady while singing devotional songs. And once our mind becomes steady in divine image of God, it will remain steady even while doing our usual activities. And one who becomes careless in this matter will not be able to fix his mind on God while singing devotional songs also. Hence a devotee of God always be vigilant and try to keep his mind fixed on the divine image of God constantly."

With this words Shreeji Maharaj finished His discourse for the day and asked the saints to start singing devotional songs again.

Vachanamrut - Gadhada Pratham Prakran 22