Basic Preaching

The soul is immortal. In this eternal universe, every soul has to take eighty four lakhs types of bodies. He has to undergo all types of bodies in turn according to his previous actions. The God Supreme is the decider of the actions of every soul. The soul acts in every life and as the result of his actions, he has to take birth after death. The soul can't remain without actions, similarly he can't remain without body also. Thus the cycle of death and birth is endless in the eternal universe. Nobody can escape from it.

The human body is very rarely available in the cycle of death and birth. If a human body is wasted and lost uselessly, it can be had again after a lapse of crores and crores of years. So it is very important.

In this cycle of death and birth, the souls having bigger or powerful bodies subsist up on the souls having smaller or weaker bodies. A bigger or powerful one kills and eats a smaller or weaker one. So every soul has to suffer tremendous pains in every birth. The cycle of death and birth is full of unescapable tremendous pains in every birth. The cycle of death and birth is full of unescapable tremendous unbearable pains every moment.

One can escape from this cycle of death and birth by human life only. So a human being should think as to how to escape from this cycle full of pains, suffering and agonies.

First we should be ideal human beings. Non-violence should be he base of an ideal human life. If any thought, any speech or any behaviour towards anybody is harmful or unpleasing to him, it is a sin. Such thoughts, speech and behaviour should not be behaved towards anybody.

One should abstain from (1) Drinking wine liquor or intoxicating drugs in any form (2) Meat eating in any form in any case (3) An act of stealing (4) Debauchery (5) Partaking food from improper persons and improper sources. One should get rid of evil vices like passion anger, greediness, fascination, pride, haughtyness, jealousy, fraud, deceit, covetous of taste, gambling, addictedness, superstitions etc. and should embrace truthfulness, mercy, forgiveness, forbearnce, love towards all souls, non-violence, celibacy etc. he should develop brotherhood to all the human beings and become helpful to others. After this only, one can become an ideal human being.

After obtaining this qualities one should lead virtuous, righteous, peaceful, moral and devotional life. Then he should worship ardently single-minded the Almightly God supreme Lord Swaminarayan in perceptible divine human form in the midst of effulgent splendid divine light i.e. Akshardham. After doing this by the grace of Almightly God that soul may be released from the cycle of death and birth which is full of tremendous pains and agonies and he will be given the ecstatic bliss in the Akshardham.

For the propogation and widespread of his divine message. He sent all his Sadhus in all the directions far and wide to preach the reality of human life to the ignorant people and to improve them.

Basic Preaching