Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 1

Lord Shri Narnarayan Dev was seated in an assembly of Rushis in Badrikashram. After travelling around the Bharat, saints arrived there. They described to the Lord things about cruelty, violence, and wicked behaviour that had spread in the people of the Bharat. The saints also told the Lord that all people had left their religious duty.

Hearing this, everyone had tears in their eyes. Lord Narnarayan consoled them and said, "Do not cry. I will destroy all wicked actions and establish good religion (Saddharm). There will be a victory of the good and there will be Dharma everywhere."

The Lord was explaining the importance of religion and everyone was fully engrossed on hearing his speech. Meanwhile, Durvasa Muni arrived there from Kailash, with the desire to see God. He stood behind them with the hope of a warm welcome, but no one knew he was there. Durvasa Muni felt insulted. He got angry and gave a curse to everyone. "You all will be born as humans in Bharat, suffering from asurs (wicked men) because you have insulted me."

Hearing this, everyone became very said. Dharma Dev stood yp and bowed down to Durvasa Muni. The other saints also did the same. Dharma Dev asked for forgiveness. Durvasa felt sorry and pity. Then he said, "My curse will not be in vain, but Lord Narnarayan will be born in Dharma Dev's house and will protect you from woes." Then Durvasa Muni went back to his abode and Lord Narnarayan announced, "This happened by my own desire."

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. Where was Lord Narnarayan seated?
  2. What did the saints describe to Lord Narnarayan?
  3. What did Lord Narnarayan answer to the saints?
  4. Why did Durvasa Muni give a curse to everybody?
  5. Because Durvasa felt pity, what did he say to Dharma Dev and the others?