Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 14

Death of kalidatta

Once upon a time, Bhaktimata and Dharmadev were busy with their work. They forgot about Ghanshyam. At that time Ghanshyam's friends Veni, Madhav, etc., came there and told Ghanshyam, "Lets go to play in Jambu Garden." They went in the garden where there were many large trees of Jambus. There were lots of Jambus on wach tree.

Kalidatta knew that Ghanshyam arrived there with his friends. So he decided to kill him. Ghanshyam climbed on one of the tree and his friends also climbed it. They were playing and eating Jambus. They were laughing and jumping. They were chillin'.

During this time, Kalidatta came suddenly and extended his hands to catch Ghanshyam. Ghanshyam struck him with his powerful and contemptuous view. Kalidatta's body began to burn. He created a cyclone. The terrible rush of rain started with his witchcraft. Everything turned into darkness. It seemed like a dark night. The children were afraid of darkness of darkness and cold. They were running here and there, everywhere. They hid in a corner of garden.

Ghanshyam sat down under a tree. Kalidatta was seaching for Ghanshyam. He spotted him fearlessly sitting under the tree. He became very angry. People of Chhapaiya vibrated seeing this mystical revolution. They were frightened very much.

Kalidatta lifted his body in the sky. Then he fell down on the tree with tremendous force. The braches broke to bits. A deep rooted tree also fell down. He began to laugh in thinking the Ghanshyam crumbled under the tree. Ghanshyam was smiling and safely seated under a branch. He called "O Kalidatta." Kalidatta was confused as why Ghanshyam didn't die yet.

He came with the hope of killing Ghanshyam but Ghanshyam shot a burning glance at Kalidatta. His body burnt out at that spot. Ghanshyam stopped the cyclone and rain.

Meanwhile Bhaktimata remembered Ghanshyam, She along with her husband and relatives began to search for Ghanshyam anxiously. They came searching for him in the Jambu garden. They found him there. Bhaktimata lifted her son and dearly pressed him to her bosom. The child also rejoiced and went laughing and jumping to his home.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. Where did they go to play?
  2. What did Kalidatta do to kill Ghanshyam?
  3. Why could not Kalidatta catch Ghanshyam?
  4. Where was Ghanshyam sitting?
  5. How did Ghanshyam kill Kalidatta?