Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 20

Ghanshyam as Ramchandra

Ghanshyam was once playing with his friends. Seeing this, the son of Patgor named Shivdin arrived to join in the fun. Shivdin was labeled by the villages as "mad" because he was half-mad. He was like a toy for the mischevous children. All the boys who were playing with Ghanshyam were delighted once Shivdin arrived. ALl the childeren interrupted what they were doing and gathered atound Shidin. The children amused Shivdin.

Shivdin's mother was going back to her home after getting some water from the well and on the way she saw her son --- surrounded by children. She began to feel extreme concern for her son because all the boys were making fun of her beloved son. She shouted again and again and then she rushed into the crowd and rebuked the children that were teasing her son. She cried, "Who is teasing my son." Instead of feeling mercy for such people, is it worth it to tease? Suppose you were born with a disability of some sort, what would you do?" On hearing the scolding given by Shivdin's mother to the children, he gauged her saddened and gloomy heart and uttered calmly, "Auntie, we are not teasing him, but he himself put his head between his knees and sat down." The other children remained calm and still. Hearing this, she caught Shivdin's arm and angrily said, "Why did you sit here? Has anyone beaten you?"

As Shivdin's mother was talking, SHivdin got up at once. His gace was very happy looking and uttered radiantly, "Mother, this Ghanshyam is Tam-chandra." His mother replied, "What are you saying son? COme with me." Shivdin replied, "No, no mother I am not rambling, Behold, beside him is ideal Sita and obedient Laxaman. Why aten't you bowing to them?"

Saying thus, he fell down on the lotus feet of Ghanshyam. He bowed to him, Ghanshyam. He bowed to him. Ghanshyam showered wonderful blessings upon him. He put his hand on his head. Everyone came to watch this sight and heard about the conversation between Ghanshyam and Shivdin's mother. Ghanshyam told Shivdin's mother, "Your son was tyagi many years ago. From here on your son will be free from the brain disease he has suffered from all his life. He will become wise and be a great man."

Shivdin's mother stared surprisingly at him. Shivdin's facial expressions changed. She thanked Ghanshyam and bowed down to him. She returned home happily and told every one about that miracle of Ghanshyam.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. Who was Shivdlin?
  2. What was the children's expression when Shivdin arrived?
  3. What did Ghanshyam explain to Shivdlin's mother?
  4. What is the miracle of Ghanshyam in this lesson?
  5. What did Shivdin see and why did he say to his mother, "Behold."