Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 6

Get Ghanshyam's Ears Pierced

Bhaktimata was very happy that Ghanshyam turned seven years old. She wanted to pierce his ears and get nice earings for him.

On Thursday, Sharad Purnima, the ear-piercer arrived in Chhapaiya. Bhaktimata sat Ghanshyam on her lap. The ear piercer touched the needle gently to Ghanshyam's ear. A flow of light came out and the needle fell down. Everybody was surprised.

After the light disappeared, Ghanshyam was no longer in Bhaktimata's lap. Everyone searched for him. Finally, Bhaktimata saw him sitting on a branch of the tree. She told Rampratapji to bring him down to the ground.

Rampratapji climbed up the tree and saw that Ghanshyam sitting on the lap of Bhaktimata and on the branch. He was surprised!

Ghanshyam, seated on the lap, said "I will let you pierce my ears if you give me "Ghor." So, Bhaktimata got "Ghor" from the house and gave it to Ghanshyam Maharaj. Then Lord got his ears pierced.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. On what day were Ghanshyam's ears pierced?
  2. Why did the needle fall down?
  3. Why was Rampratapji surprised?
  4. On which condition did Ghanshyam agree to pierce his ears?