Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 8

Siddhis came with Food

One day Sundari auntie was late in preparing food. Bhaktimata was hungry because she did eat breakfast. She was waiting for the "rasoi." Ghanshyam knew his mother's difficulties and so, he ordered Asta(Eight) Siddhi God's servants) to bring a food dish. In no time, they arrived with hot prepared food dishes.

The beautiful Siddhis were wearing nice colorful clothes. They were holding golden pans. Bhaktimata was surprised because she did not know who these ladies were. They did not know what to say to Bhatktimata, finally, one of them said "mother, we eight siddhis have come here to feed you. You can eat it if you like."

Hearing this, Bhaktimata was confused. She thought " How can I eat this food?" Ghanshyam understood his mother's confusion and said, "mother you can eat this food brought by the siddhis." Then he sat down and started eating the different and delicious food. Bhaktimata also started eating. At this time, Sundari auntie arrived with a dish full of food. She was surprised by seeing the food.

So, Ghanshyam said, "Auntie those siddhis brought the food, we ate the prasad (food offered to God). You can also eat it." Sundari auntie ate the prasad. After, all the Siddhis bowed down to God and went away."

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. What was the name of Ghanshyam's auntie?
  2. Why did Ghanshyam call the siddhis?
  3. What did Ghanshyam order to them?
  4. What did the siddhis say to Bhaktimata?
  5. Why was mother confused?
  6. What did Ghanshyam say to his auntie?