Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 12

Surprised Barber

Ghanshyam entered his third year. So his handsome father Dharmadev thought that it was time for Ghanshyam's hair-cutting. The next day he decided an auspicious time for his hair-cutting. Thus, he called Zamai the Barber to tonsure Ghanshyam. Zamai gaily showed up with his saving kits. Bhaktimata took Ghanshyam in her lap and sat down facing the barber. Zamai wetted Ghanshyam's hair and first cut them with scissors. Then he got out a razor from his kit and started to shave Ghanshyam's head.

Ghanshyam created a surprising miracle during his shaving. The barber could not see Ghanshyam, while all the others could. So he became alarmed and his arms remained upraised with razors in them. He got transfixed like an inanimate thing. Seeing this, Bhaktimata said, "Why did you stop your work, after half shaving? Come on, and finish it." Frightened Zamai replied in a trembling voice, "Whom do I shave? Because Ghanshyam is not here. Where did he go?" Hearing this Bhaktimata said surprised, "Why don't you see him? He is still sitting on my lap."

"But I can't see him" he replied. So, Bhaktimata understood Ghanshyam's Miracle and whispered to him, "Such half shaving will not make you attractive, my dear. Hence, let him finish shaving." "The razor struck my on my head" Ghanshyam complained.

Thereupon Bhaktimata said to the barber, "Take great care while shaving my dear son." Ghanshyam became visible to the barber. So he finished his shaving. Ghanshyam then took a bath in Narayan Sarovar. The barber was convinced that this was extraordinary child. He felt himeself lucky shaving him and went his way after bowing down to Ghanshyam.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. Why did father think to shave Ghanshyam?
  2. What miracle did Ghanshyam create?
  3. What did Bhaktimata ask the barber?
  4. What did Bhaktimata whisper in Ghanshyam's ear?
  5. What did Ghanshyam do after shaving?

Exercise 2:
Fill in the blanks.

  1. Dharmadev called __________ the barber.
  2. This is time of Ghanshyam's ___________.
  3. Ghanshyam entered in his __________ year.
  4. Ghanshyam took a bath in __________.
  5. __________ was convinced that Ghanshyam was an extraordinary child.