Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 23

Victory over Wrestlers

Ghanshyam was used to practicing wrestling with his friends, Kesari, Bhavani, etc. They went to take a bath in surya every evening. Then they started wrestling in the soft sand of the riverback. Ghanshyam taught them different strategies of wrestling.

Meanwhile a wrestler named Mahabali came there from Nepak for a bath. Mahabali was tall, vigorous and had a masculine body. He had won many wrestling competitions. He saw Ghanshyam performing various kinds of strategic moves. He jested at Ghanshyam's skillful movements. So angrily Ghanshyam challenged him to a contest. Mahabali was defeatd at once. People of Ayodhya who had heard about this victory against Mahabali admired Ghanshyam very much. Ghanshyam soon became famous in wrestling.

But some other famous wrestlers of Ayodhya couldn't bear his name and the praise he was receiving. There were three of them in particular: Mansingh, Dillisingh, and Bheemsingh. They went to the king and appealed, "O King! We want to defeat Ghanshyam if you allow us to a contest." Yet, the king who was well aware of Ghanshyam's power, restrained them from this strive. They did not agree with him. They insisted on receiving permission and urged the king to be present during the contest. At last, the king allowed to do so, and said, "I will bestow suitable reward to the winner."

They became glad and bragged, "You will see your Majesty! Whether we would throw him or not." The King replied in taunt, "Take care that you don't get defeated in the end." The beastful wrestlers said, "O King, tht is impossible. Against our strenght, he is like a mosquito." The King replied, "I will be present there and see with my own eyes." A proclamation was issued in no time by the King's order. Soon everybody knew about the contest between Ghanshyam and the wrestlers. THe king had set aside a huge plot of land just for the event. In the evening, the entire place was set up by the King's servants and a special seat was set up for the King.

Dharmdev was worried deeply about his son. He knew not what he would do if the wrestlers were to kill his dear son. Ghanshyam said to his father, "Don't worry, because don't you know who I am?" Immediately, he show his divine form. Dharmadev was then assured that no one could hurt or defeat his son. He is forever invincible.

Hundreds of people gathered to see the competition. The King also arrived with his secretary. Dharmadev and Rampratapbhai came there with Ghanshyam.

When the struggle began, the wrestler Bheemsingh roared, strikinn his hand on his thighs, "Come on I will see you." Ghanshyam (normally it would take hundreds of people to carry such a chain) and tied it to his right leg. The strengths of hundreds of elephants was in his leg. Then he challenged Ghanshyam, "If you can move me, then I will consider you a true stronger wrestler than me." As soon as his finished saying this, Ghanshyam grabbed the chain, pulled Bheem, swung him around and threw him. Bolld streamed from Bheemsingh's nose and mouth.

Bheemsingh eyes turned red and he challenged Ghanshyam again, "Don't think you have defeated me, Ghanshyam! If you think you are stronger, tie this chain around your leg." Ghanshyam did so and chanllenged Bheem to pull it. Bheem tried with all his might yet he could still not even move Ghanshyam. Then all three wrestlers began to pull the chain together. Yet they still were not able to move Ghanshyam. Even their with All their might, but to no avail. Finally the chain broke and they fell down. They were stroked.

The King stood up and proclaimed Ghanshyam the winner. He offered him clothes and ornaments. The King told the wrestlers to apologize. They asked for Ghanshyam's pardon. Ghanshyam spread his blessings upon them. Dharmadev, Rampratabhai, and all the spectators celebrated the victory of Ghanshyam over the wrestlers.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. What was Ghanshyam doing onthe riverbank?
  2. Why did Ghanshyam challenge Mahabali?
  3. Who couldn't bear the fame of Ghanshyam?
  4. What did the wrestlers request from the king?
  5. Why was Dharmadev worried?
  6. What did Ghanshyam do th Bheemsingh in the struggle?
  7. Who was awarded victor and what did he receive from the king?

Exercise 2:
Fill in the blanks

  1. Ghanshyam went to take a bath in __________.
  2. Mahabali came from ___________.
  3. Mahabali __________ Ghanshyam's skillful mobements.
  4. __________ was issued in no time by the king.
  5. The king arribed with his __________.
  6. There was strenth of a hundred ___________ in Bheem's leg