Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 5

Markanday Muni Named Ghanshyam

The women of Chhapaiya named the divine child Ghanshyam bacause he looked like the colors of a cloud. Everybody else in Chhapaiya also called him by the same name, but Dharmadev wasn't satisfied with this name. He wanted a great Astrologer to name the divine child.

Meanwhile, Rishi Markanday arrived there. Dharmadev welcomed him with a garland of flowers and said politely, "You have made my house holy with your feet. I request of you to find a good name for my child according to his "Rasi" (a sign of Zodiac)."

Markanday Muni opened his astrological book, and studied the planets, constellations, etc., of the birth time of the child. After thinking for a while, the Muni said, "The child was born in "Kark Rasi", so his name will be Hari. He looks like the colors of the sky and was born in the month of Chaitra, so he will also be known as Krishna. By mixing these two names, we can also call him Harikrishna."

After reading the child's hands, Markanday Muni said, "O, Dharmadev, you are very lucky. God himself descended in your house. His name will expand in all directions."

After describing the child's virtues, Markanday Muni saw a vision. In his vision, God blessed him and said, "O, Muni, you will see me in Gujarat. Even though you named me here, I will name you there." After seeing the vision, the Muni set out for Pilgramage.

Later, after many years, Markanday Muni met Shriji Maharaj in the village, Unja. God made him his saint and named him Mahanybhavanand Swami.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. Who came to Chhapaiya?
  2. In which Rasi was God born?
  3. Which names did the Muni give to the divine child?
  4. What did God tell the Rishi in the vision?
  5. In Unja, whom did God make a saint?
  6. What was Markanday Muni's new name?

Exercise 2:
Match A with B to make a sentence.

_____ Dharmadev 1. See me in Gujarat.
_____ Markenday Muni 2. Name you there.
_____ O Muni! 3. Saw the vision.
_____ He 4. Wasn't satisfied with this name.
_____ Dharmadev 5. You are very lucky.
_____ I will 6. Opened the astrological book.

Exercise 3:
Describe why God was given the following names.

Markenday named Ghanshyam as:

Hari? __________________________________________________________.
Krishna? _______________________________________________________.
Harikrishna? ____________________________________________________.