Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 21

Ghanshyam bites the monkey

It was morning time and Ghanshyam was sitting outside the house in the backyard. Today mother had prepared a dilicious dish for Ghanshyam. The yogurt had been mixed with sugar so Ghanshyam, while slicing some cake with his right hand, was drinking swet yougurt. Meanwhile, a monkey sitting on the branch of a tree was anxious to snatch some of the food Ghanshyam was enjoying from his hand. So the monkey snatched the cake from Ghanshyam's hand and without taking much more time, he climbed up the tree. Ghanshyam was not a lesser individual than the monkey and even though he was God, he was still a child. So Ghanshyam went to get his cake back. He extended his arm and regained the cake and using the other arm, he grabbed the monkey's tail and pulled him down to the ground. The monkey began to cry loudly as he was very frightened.

The gang of monkeys heard the yells of their fellow monkey and gathered in a great numbers. All the monkeys jumped out and they were in the mood to fight. They surrounded Ghanshyam. Dharmadev saw this and came out of his house carrying a stick and the monkeys ran away. But, Ghanshyam had assumed serveral forms and ran after all the monkeys. The monkeys were running ahead and Ghanshyam was behind. The moneys were very frightened of Ghanshyam because after every three monkeys, there was Ghanshyam running after them. Ghanshyam caught some the monkeys by their tails and others he hurled by the ears and legs. Thus, Ghanshyam taught a lesson to the monkeys who bothered the people of the village.

The monkeys tried to escape the hold of Ghanshyam, but how could they, for Ghanshyam was not a child but rather God himself. Many people gathered to see the excitement and the monkeys were crying frantically. Then Ghanshyam set the monkeys free knowing the monkeys would not cause trouble in this area again. The monkeys, upon being released, ran as fast as they could. Then Ghanshyam once again became one in vision as all the other forms he assumed became all one. Dharmadev was very happy to see Ghanshyam and this miracle occur. The people also were amazed and were sure that Ghanshyam was indeed God. Ghanshyam's exploits make it a certain fact that he is God and we are to believe in him as the Supreme God.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. What was Ghanshyam doing when the monkeys came?
  2. What did the monkeys do?
  3. Why did Dharmadev come out of his house carrying a stick?
  4. How did Ghanshyam teach a lesson to the monkeys?
  5. When did Ghanshyam free the monkeys?

Exercise 2:
Fill in the blanks

  1. The monkeys were __________ the people.
  2. The __________ was mixed with sugar.
  3. Ghanshyam grabbed the monkeys' __________.
  4. Ghanshyam taught a lesson to the __________.
  5. The monkey __________ the cake from Ghanshyam's __________.