Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 4

Punishment to Kotara

After having beaten by Hanumanji, much frightened Kritya went straight to Kalidatta. They told him everything that happened in Chappaiya. Kalidatta became angry and both of his eyes became red with anger. Therefore, he called Kotara, who is the most dangerous women with devilish powers. Kalidatta ordered Kotara "to go to Chappaiya and kill Ghanshyam immediately."

Kotara said "O King! I will just go to Chappaiya and kill Ghanshyam immediately." Kotara was so dark and devilish looking like an ox with two horns. Her hair was very long and curly. She had worn a garland of skulls around her neck with a sharp trishul in her hand. She went to Chappaiya and was hiding behind Ghanshyam's house. Ghanshyam was only six days old. Everyone was celebrating and busy in their own work. Kotara saw that no one was taking care of Ghanshyam. She rushed to Ghansyam's cradle with the hope to kill him. But as she reached to the cradle, the divine lights from Ghanshyam threw her far away. Her tongue came out with blood and trishul flew away. Divine light from Ghanshyam's eyes burned Kotra's body. Kotara started screaming and slowly died.

The people heard the noise and gathered around. They were scared by see ing the body of the monster, Kotara. Dharmadev started to recite the Narayan Kavach. They picked up her monsterous body and threw it into the jungle. They realized that Ghanshyam was not an ordinary child, but instead was the God himself.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. Where did the frightened Krtiyas go?
  2. What did Kalidatta order to Kotara?
  3. How old was Ghanshyam when Kotara visited Chappaiya?>
  4. How does Kotara look like?
  5. How did Ghanshyam kill Kotara?
  6. What did the people do with the dead body of Kotara?

Exercise 2:
Fill in the blanks after reading the story.

  1. Kotara had _______________ in her hand.
  2. Kotara was hiding behind ___________ _____________.
  3. Kotara was burned by the _________ __________ of Ghanshyam.
  4. Dharmadev started to recite the __________ ________,
  5. ___________ sent Kotara to _______ Ghanshyam.