Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 11

In the company of moon

It was a fascinating night of Sharad Poornima. There was light everywhere. Bhaktimata was seated beside the bed on a stool. Ghanshyam was sleeping on the bed. Suvasinibhabhi was also there.

The moon, which was very high in the sky, got an opportunity for Ghanshyam's darshan. He didn't want to wait to come to God. Since God knew everything, Ghanshyam knew about the moon's problems. Ghanshyam told Bhaktimata that he wanted the moon to come down but she said "NO!" Since he was stubborn, he did not give up. Finally, Bhaktimata said angrily, "I can't call him down or bring him down. You can call down the moon if you really want to." Suvasinibhabhi said, "Yes Ghanshyam, he will certainly come down if you call him."

Ghanshyam waved his hand and told the moon to come down. The moon, having the permission from God, came down with his wives. He brought precious ornaments like diamonds, golden garlands and necklaces, and bright clothes to give to God. His wives brought different kinds of sweets on golden pans. The moon adored the divine child with the ornaments and offered the sweets. Then he praised him with a voice choked with emotion.

God blessed him with his smiling face. The moon became really happy to see such a vision. Bhaktimata and Suvasinibhabhi were amazed by seeing the moon there. The moon bows down to Ghanshyam and went back to his place in the sky. He heard God say farewell.

Answer the following questions.
  1. How many people were on the ground?
  2. What did Ghanshyam tell Bhaktimato to do?
  3. What did Bhaktimata and Suvasinibhabhi tell Ghanshyam?
  4. What did the moon want?
  5. What did the moon and his wives bring with them?