Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 17

Remedy for small pox

There was much heat because of summer. One day Ghanshyam had a fever. He was sleeping silently. The next day, Ghanshyam turned out to have Small Pox. So his mother made him sleep in a room and she was pressing his head. When Laxmibai found out about the small pox, she went there. She told Bhaktimata, "Now there is a spread of small pox. My son had it as well. I did not let him go out to play for the last twenty-five days. Today I gave him a bath and prohibited him to go out. Don't let Ghanshyam go out for twenty days."

Hearing this Ghanshyam said, "You kept your son Veniram without bathing for twenty-five days. How can a Bhramin do without bath? Mother, I want to bath now. Please let me have a bath."

Bhaktimata explained much but he didn't understand. So, she could not go against her son's wish. She went to the well and made him sit on the stool while she poured some water over his head. However, Ghanshyam demanded for more. "Please pour more and more." Ghanshyam requested. Bhaktimata said tohim, "Please, restrain my son, it is enough." Yet he bathed with lots of wate. THen he subsided all the heat of the body by his divine power and said to his mother, "You got me to bathe with cold water, so the fever and small pox have been eliminated. Laxmibai also surprised and said, "Cold water makes the small pox disappear. WOW. It is only the power of GOD himself."

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. Why did Bhaktimata make GHanshyam sleep in a room?
  2. Who came there?
  3. What did she advise Bhaktimata?
  4. WHat did Ghanshyam demand?
  5. How did Ghanshyam subside the heat of body?
  6. What did mother experience?