Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 10

Ghanshyam on the Head of SheshNag

Ghanshyam had a beautiful face. His mouth was like a bloomed lotus, his nose was beautifully carved like a parrot, and his eyes were like the pointed petals of a lotus. People adored his attractive face and his relatives spent their whole day fondling him with great pleasure. One day his cousin Balvanta was playing with him. Ghanshyam was giving her joy by talking to her with his sweet voice and smiling at her.

While they were playing, a terrible noise came out from the well nearby. Balvanta looked into the well. While she was looing, Ghanshyam slipped from her arms and fell into the well, and Balvanta became very shocked. After she regained her senses, she started to scream very loudly. Bhaktimata came running because she heard her screaming. When she had listened to what had happended, she became ready to jump into the well and save Ghanshyam.

However, before she could jump, a force of light came out from the well. Then they saw Ghanshyam sitting on the head of the hooded serpent, SheshNag, the king of serpents, who was living inthe well. All of the people who were present there were amazed at the great sight. SheshNag was very happy because he got a chance to carry God on his head. He lifted his hood up and Bhaktimata picked up Ghanshyam and got him out of the well. All the people were happy because they had the beatiful face of Ghanshyam back.

Exercise 1:
the following questions.
  1. Describe Ghanshyam's face.
  2. How did Ghanshyam's relatives spend their whole day?
  3. Why did Balvanta look into the well?
  4. Why did Bhaktimata come running?
  5. How did Ghanshyam get out of the well?

Exercise 2:
Fill in the blanks after reading the story.

  1. SheshNag is the __________ of serpents.
  2. __________ looked into the well.
  3. Bhaktimata became ready to __________ into the well and __________ Ghanshyam.
  4. A force of __________ came out of the well.
  5. SheshNag was happy because he got a chance to carry __________ on his __________.