Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 18

Miracle of Trance

From Chhapaiya, Dharmadev arrived in Ayodhya and lived on "Barhatta" Street. Ghanshyam liked to play with monkeys on the street and teasing them.

One day he was dining with his father and mother was serving food. Meanwhile an old monkey came jumping and took away a "loaf" from Ghanshyam's dish. Ghanshyam tried to stand up but his father stopped him and said, "Perhaps, it was not in our faith."

The monkey climbed up the tree and sat down on a branch. It started eating the load, looking at Ghanshyam. Ghanshyam gave it a scornful look at it. SOon the monkey felt the trance (Samadhi). The load was in its hands. Ghanshyam transfixed the monkey on the branch with his divine sight. It became chance to see a status. So all had show of Samadhi. Some boys threw stones at it, but the monkey did not move at all and sat unmoved for two days.

The following day, Dharmadev told Ghanshyam, "how long will you make it sit like that? It is a servant of Lord Ram. Let it be freed." So Ghanshyam brought it out from Samadhi by a weird effect. The monkey moved and came down and ran away. All greatly were joyful at seeing this and believed Ghanshyam's God.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. What did Ghanshyam like in Ayodhya?
  2. What did monkey take away from Ghanshyam's dish?
  3. Why did people gather to see there?
  4. How long did Ghanshyam make the monkey be in a trance?