Ghanshyam Charitra

Few useful quotes

  • Without any interest, no work is achieved. So keep interest in everything you do. Only then you will become successful in your work.
  • Everyone loves a person, who obeys / bows to God, Saints, Mother, Father, and other elders. Always learn to be respectful to them.
  • If you make friendship of bad people, you become as bad as them, and the friendship of good people (like Saints) makes you a good person. So make good friends.
  • Without good morals and virtues the life of a person is like a beggar. He will be miserable through out his life.
  • Never take back or ask back for a donated item. Donation is giving, not taking. When we donate any particular item to any one, we don't have the right to take it back anymore.
  • Live, such a wonderful life, that others can be proud of you. Be a role model for others. Make our life shine life a shinning star, where some one can look up to you.
  • Think of your house not as your home, but instead think of it as a temple of Lord Swaminarayan. Only than Shriji Maharaj will come and stay in your house.
  • Never think or do bad things to others, else the bad thing happens to you -- says Lord Shri Hari.
  • A young person can work, worship ten times more than a old person. So do good work in life not bad.
  • Always go to temple (Mandir) and sit with saints. By going to Mandir, we get good virtues and morals in our life.
  • The result of sins is very bad. A person can go to hell. So don't do sins.
  • Think twice before doing any work. See if, by doing this work will it benefit me or not?