Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 22

Golden Cannon

In Ayodhya there was a road. King Darshansingh ordered his servants to dig up both sides of the road so the pedestrians have a clear path. There many people digging the land. It was made entirely of gold. There was a symbol engraved on the cannon indicating it was prepared by the great King Raghu. Many people said to have the cannon put in King Darshan's museum. There was much pride felt amongst the citizens of Ayodhya as they now had a most valuable antique. The cannon also indicated the prosperity of Ayodhya. Darshansingh had his soldiers bring him the cannon

They went home and started their attempt to put the Golden Cannon on a cart. But they failed to move the cannon one inch. Meanwhile Ghanshyam was passing by with his elder brother Rampratap. He saw that the soldiers couldn't move the cannon. He smiled and thought to himself, "No one but I can move the Golden Cannon." "If they need me, I'll help them," Suddenly one of the soldiers noticed Ghanshyam and Rampratap and requested that Ghanshyam show his Godly self. He continued to explain, "The cannon had been ordered to be kept for exhibition in our kingdom in the afternoon. Thousands of people are expected to come and see this Cannon. But, except for you, no one can move this cannon. How can we show our faces to the king without bringing this cannon?" Soon other soldiers arrived and beffed for help from Ghanshyam.

Rampratap insisted Ghanshyam to help them. So Ghanshyam reached toward the Golden Cannon and told everyone to move back, he would move the otherwise immovable cannon, by himself. Somepeople laughed at Ghanshyam, as they did not believe he could put the cannon on the cart without help. The soldiers that laughed uttered, "If we young soldiers as a group cannot move this cannon, how could a mere child move it?" Despite what the soldiers said, Ghanshyam was indeed a child and like all children he displayed his pride! A soldier, standing beside Ghanshyam, soon restrained the soldiers to speak falsely. He said"Ghanshyam is no ordinary child. He is a miraculous child. He can do what we can not. Keep yourselves away and let him try his strength alone. We will be the withnesses of whether he can do it or not!"

So the soldiers all backed away. Ghanshyam created a wonderful miracle in their presence. He carried the cannon and with his left hand held the wheel of the cart. Then he pulled the cart and the soldiers were astonished at what they had witnessed. They didn't believe what they saw, but since they saw the cart was on the cart, they began to believe that Ghanshyam was a reincarnation of of Rama. Soon they saw him in the divine form of Ram. Some folks described him as "Mahabali Hanuman."

The Commander-in-Chief came and paid reverence to Ghanshyam. He respectively said, "You have saved us from tremendous trouble and hardship. You are truly God himself, because no one can move this cannon without God." He expressed how he was very much obliged to Ghanshyam. Then Ghanshyam went home. The soldiers started to drive the cart but they soon arrived at a river they could not cross. The river Saryu was in the way and to cross it with the cannon and cart it would be very difficult. They tried to cross it by putting the cannon and the cart on a big ship, but it sank in the middle of the river. The ropes that had been tied to the cannon and cart could not hold them and they broke. The Golden Cannon slipped deep beneath the waters of Saryu and disappeared. It has to be found to this day.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. How was the cannon found?
  2. What did the symbol on the cannon indicate?
  3. What did the soldiers request of Ghanshyam?
  4. How did Ghanshyam put the cannon on the cart?
  5. Why did a certain soldier restrain the other soldiers and what did he say to them?
  6. How was the Golden Cannon lost by the soldiers?