Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 24

Godhood of Ghanshyam

Once Dharmadev went on a polgrimage with his family. After having done Darshan in various places, they reached Gondal, home to a small temple in which a small idol (statue) of Thakorji was installed. Dharmadev was ecstatic because the small idol was very attractive. This idol fulfills the desires of devotees. In the evening it was time for Aarti. Devotees began to come to see God as the conch rang loudly. Bells, gongs and drums were being heard all around.

Dharmadev was there with his three sons. He was singing Aarti and watching the idol. Ghanshyam was standing before the image of Thakorji and it became alive. Thakorji stepped down from the throne and approached Ghanshyam like he was going to meet him. There was a garland around his neck which he put around Ghanshyam's neck. Soon the image was back where it originally was, on the throne in the altar. Dharmadev witnessed what had happened and his happiness knew no border. There were other divotees who had come to see God and they also witnessed what had just occurred, Every citizen, including King Aumansingh heard about this miracle of Ghanshyam's.

However, the King wanted to test Ghanshyam's divinity so he had Dharmadev and his sons come to court the next morning. Dharmadev arrived on time and the King told him, "I have heard miraculous things about your son, who is this Ghanshyam?" Dharmadev called Ghanshyam and said to the King, "This is my son, Ghanshyam. He has been blessed by Thakorji in the temple during Aarti." The King thought that if Ghanshyam is a reincarnation of God, his feet must have the divine marks. The spititual thought is that, "He who has sixteen divine marks on the feet is without a doubt God." The King thought to himself and said, "Let me test you, Ghanshyam."

Ghanshyam sat down in his father's lap and extended his legs so the bottom of his feet could be seen. Sure enough, sixteen divine signs could be seen on Ghanshyam's feet. There were nine marks on his right foor and seven on his left foot."

As the King achieved the divine vision, he lost consciousness for a little while. He was convinced that Ghanshyam was indeed God and summoned the Queen. The Queen arrived and visualized with her own eyes the proof of Ghanshyam's Godhood. They offered precious ornaments to Ghanshyam and worshipped him. They did Aarti of Ghanshyam.

Dharmadev returned to Chhapiya after finishing the journey. Ghanshyam made people believe he was indeed God himself. Ghanshyam's exploits are numerous and far from being able to descibe with the due respect they deserve. What else can be said for human kind?

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. Where did Dharmadev reach after doing Darshan at several palces?
  2. What did Dharmadev see in that village?
  3. What was the miracle that happened during Aarti?
  4. What the King desire?
  5. What did the King thing when Dharmadev showed Ghanshyam to him?
  6. What did Ghanshyam show the King?

Exercise 2:
Please, witness these marks in the picture of "Charnavind.

The sixteen divine marks on Ghanshyam's feet are:
Left foot: Trikon, Kalash, Gopad, Dhanush, Meen, Artdhachandra, Vyom, Kefu, Padma
Right foot: Ashtakon, Urdhwarekha, Swastik, Jambu, Jav, Vajra, Ankush