Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 19

Ghanshyam Bestowed Sight

It was the auspicious day of Ekadasi, so Dharmadev got ready to go for a bath "Shravan Pond." Ghanshyam and Vashram Tarvadi also went with him. Everyone had taken a bath while remebering God. A saint was sitting under the Banyan tree on the bank of the pond. Beside the saint, there were four blind men. They were pleading to the saint, "Please give us sight and we shall be obliged toyou forever." The saint replied, "If you give me money, I will use my powers." The blind men asked themselves, "How can we possibly have money!" The blind men were shocked that the saint was forcing them to bring money. The blind men complained, "God, O God! It is difficult for us to have a decent meal, how are we supposed to get the money the saint has asked for?"

Dharmadev, upon hearing the fate of the four blind men, felt pity for them. He asked himself, "But what can I do!" So he found himself watching without being able to help.

Ghanshyam also felt bad for the four blind men. He told his father, "How can they be happy if they can not see? The blind men asked a lot of the saint and the saint's greediness kept them from getting what they needed.

Ghanshyam proclaimed let's go there and console them. Dharmadev said, "They will be very fortunate if they are enlightened in anyway." Ghanshyam with his friends and uncle approached and said sweetly, "Why doesn't the saint restore your sight?" The blind men replied, "We entreated him a lot, but he ask for money from us. How can we have money? We have neither money nor power to see." One of them explained that the saint is great sorcerer. He has the strength and power to do anything. However, the saint only uses his powers if he is given a lot of money. He asks of us to provide him with money, yet we can hardly feed ourselves.

Ghanshyam had pity upon them and asked them, "What will he make you see?" He contined and said, "Come on, I will restore their your sight." After having said this, he touched his soft hand to their eyes. They got sight. THey were extremely surprised. They could not find the words to express their joy.

They fell down on his lotus feet and said in a voice filled with emothion "O God! You have showered your blessings upon us. You are God. Having your vision we are lucky."

The saint soon arrived and felt ashamed. Ghansyam said in the end, "Work hard, Don't beg and be happy with yourself working."

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. Who were with Dharmadev, when he went for bath?
  2. Where did they go for bath?
  3. What did they see while bathing?
  4. How did Ghanshyam avoid the power of saint?
  5. What did the blind man feel after getting their vision of Ghanshyam?
  6. What moral did Ghanshyam teach in the end?

Exercise 2:
Select the proper word from bracket and fill in the blanks.

The saint was sitting under the __________ tree. (Banyan, Christmas, Oak) __________ blind men were sitting there with the saint. (Five, Four, One hundred one) The blind men __________ God, O God! How unlucky we are! (Explained, Complained, Laughed)