Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 13

Gomati gave Milk

At noon, Ghanshyam ran inside the house and told his mother he was hungry: "Give me something to eat. What is present NOW?" Mother replied, "Wait for some time my dear. Sit quietly till I cook." Ghanshyam denied, "No mother. I cannot bear waiting for a moment." Give me something without delay otherwise I am going out." Mother looked at his displeased face. So she offered some prepared "hotchpotch" (Khichdi) and uttered to him. "I'll just come back with some milk of Gomati (A cow) so you can eat hot hotchpotch with milk."

Saying so, she went to the cow-pen and began to milk Gomati. However, she didn't give one drop of milk because a cow gives milk only twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. By that time Ghanshyam arrived with a glass in his hand. Mother explained him to wait till the cow gives milk.

Even though mother refused, Ghanshyam went to Gomati cow. Of course it was dearer of Ghanshyam and he was also very dear to her. She promptly gives milk if Ghanshyam wants any. Ghanshyam kept his glass under the cow's utters. Soon the glass was overflowed. Bhaktimata was surprised. She went in the house and brought a big pot to fetch milk. Immediately it filled up too and milk overflowed from the pot. Bhaktimata was beyond glad. She desired to collect some more milk and prepare Pendas for Ghanshyam. As she was again and again holding new pot. All the pots became full of milk. Yet the flow of milk too flowed over.

At last, mother began to think that if the flow does not stop, Every vessel in the house would be merely full of milk. So in which pot will she cook. Ghanshyam understood his mother's confusion. As he consoled her. "Don't worry mother! This is not the normal time for a cow to give milk, but Gomati did so upon my orders. Now I do not want any more. So she will stop flowing any milk." Before Ghanshyam finished saying this, Gomati restrained her flowing milk.

Mother solemnly got assurance that "This indeed, of my child, is a marvelous miracle. None except God himself, could be responsible for such a miracle. She properly felt prould to be herself as his mother." Mother hurriedly entered inside the house with big pot full of milk. She told Ghanshyam, "Don't eat this decrease hotchpotch my beloved! In no time with I prepare Puri and Dhudhpak." Ghanshyam agreed and soon mother made Dhudhpak and fried Puris. Then Ghanshyam began to eat hot food till his stomach became full.

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. What did Ghanshyam ask for?
  2. What did mother reply?
  3. Why did Bhaktimata give hotchpotch to Ghanshyam?
  4. What was the name of the cow?
  5. What was Ghanshyam's surprising exploit in this lesson?
  6. Why did mother want to collect more milk?

Exercise 2:
True or False. If False, please correct them.

  1. Bhaktimata said, "Sit quietly till I cook".
  2. Ghanshyam said, "Give me hotchpotch".
  3. Ghanshyam ate hotchpotch with milk.
  4. Bhaktimata was surprised.
  5. Dharmadev was confused.