Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 9

Glimpse of the universe in Ghanshyam's mouth

Once upon a time, Ghanshyam's mother was playing with Ghanshyam with lots of love and affection. Sometimes Ghanshyam would laugh and smile. Mother seeing his delighted face would kiss him. During that time, the divine child opened his mouth and expanded it. As his mother stared into his open mouth, she oceans and the sky with stars in his small mouth. She also saw the two great planets, the sun and the moon. Not only that, but she also visualized the animate vitalities of the Diety, the ascetics (Rushis) of the former times. She was surprised the most when she saw struck by wonder.

Soon, she remembered that "Balkrishna's "incarnation also had shown the whole universe in his mouth." Therefore, in no time, she believed that her son, Ghanshyam, wa the supreme God himself.

Answer the following questions.
  1. What was Bhaktimata and Ghanshyam doing?
  2. Why was Bhaktimata surprised?
  3. What did Bhaktimata see in Ghanshyam's mouth?
  4. What are the two great planets?
  5. What did Bhaktimata remember after seeing Ghanshyam's leela?