Ghanshyam Charitra
Lesson 7

Testing and Choice

Ghanshyam, seven months old, crawls around the house. He spills water and plays in it. There are steps in the house. He sometimes falls down while crawling on them. He never cries. He always laughs. The parents become very happy seeing his smiling face.

It was a day of "Aso vad Tritiya" Dharmadev thought "when I tested Rampratapji, he chose the weapons. But what will Ghanshyam choose. Let me test him."

He asked for a stool from the house. He spread the cloth on it. He put a sword, a book, and a golden coin on it. Bhaktimata came with Ghanshyam and made him sit a few feet away from the stool. When Ghanshyam got a chance, he crawled to the stool. His parents were watching him. Ghanshyam picked up the book. Seeing this Dharmadev became very happy. He thought " My son will be a great scholar in the world. He will surely be my true heir."

Exercise 1:
Answer the following questions.
  1. How did Ghanshyam play in the house?
  2. What did Dharmadev put on the stool?
  3. What was Rampratapji's choice?
  4. What did Ghanshyam choose?
  5. Why were the parents of Ghanshyam happy?
  6. What did Dharmadev predict about Ghanshyam?